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    Reindeer Moss 3D Frame

    Reindeer Moss was made by absorbing minerals and natural pigments

     based on the natural moss of the polar region and semi-permanent 

    natural moss plant with air purification and flame retardant. Reindeer

    Moss is a moss plant that absorbs harmful substances such as fine dust

    floating in the air and cleans by itself and also acts as a humidifier, 

    dehumidifier and smell. Also it is a fire resistant Moss plant, so you can

    put in under the light.


    We treat only the cosmetics produced in Korea, and all products treat 

    only products that are helpful to mankind. The products we treat will 

    help your skin tone up or improve your wrinkles, will make your face 

    look younger and shiny. We treat the product. All products have been 

    manufactured in accordance with Korean standards.


    We export COVID-19 Items.

    Diagnostic reagent, KF94 Mask, Surgical mask(Dental Mask), Hand sanitizer, Thermometers, Face Shild, Protective Clothing and Latax(Nitrile) Glove.

    Feel free to contact us by e-mail or web-site contact.

    Contact information: chiwoo0620@gmail.com

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